Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rock the Cradle of Love

I am an 80's baby! I love the 80's- the music, the movies, the clothes, the hair!!! So I found some cool sites to help take me back ...

MUSIC this link will take you to an AWESOME quiz on the best 80's lyrics! it will make you smile- promise! We are living in a ___world, and I am a ___ girl.

CLOTHES I found a great ETSY shop with some fun 80's fashion. I can't believe some of the stuff that is coming back in style! Gotta love it

HAIR I love this YouTube video for "how-to 80's bangs" love it and love her accent! Lots of hairspray!

MOVIES Here are some great movie quotes from one of my favorite 80's movies...can you guess which movie? "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? "


  1. Materail girl material world, Rocked the local scene on the dance floor. That was fun.

  2. 80's, hmm... you are a baby!!! I do love 80's music, but I can do without the rest! :O)