Monday, February 15, 2010

MUSE art show

Wow it was so much fun - I got to paint a live model and my original paintings were on display for the show. My friend J.Terry was my model (muse if you will) and he was perfect. He spent hours getting painted wearing nothing but his undies! Thanks JT! Several local artist and some great models put a lot of time into the event and MARINA WILLIAMS of ART POOL GALLERY did such a great job hosting and putting together the whole thing! FUN FUN FUN month is the MAD HAT party! Ill be there!
You can see my original painting on diplay until March. I also have some painted heels and purses for sale along with prints of my originals there too! HEREOH LA LA. so many great artist and beautiful models !
my MUSE is a walking art piece titled LOVE LETTER. he is painted as a vodoo love doctor and his body is covered in the poetry of MICHAEL BOGDOVITZ


  1. That looks like a really awesome art show! What fun! It reminds me of the "Black Market Art Show" I used to participate in!

  2. definitely not a dull evening, congrats on showing and selling your art

  3. Wow, your art is just amazing. I once spent hours getting my body painted as a zombie. Tedious!

  4. LOVE the skeleton art and all the painted work! And of course, all your tattoo art in general, Heather! Congrats on selling some pieces, too!

  5. Looks like an awesome show!
    i love LOve loVE LOVE your skeleton work.