Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Be Koi

This is my latest custom creation! DON'T BE KOI

I painted this bag in about 6 hours. Took a brand new green faux snake skin bag (a New York and Co )that i found at a thrift store for $8! Brand new tags on and everything!

I went with black, mustard yellow and shades of green. I love the textured look of the scales. i used the bags own snake skin pattern to help with that. And I went for green bubbles of color instead of the traditional cherry blossoms or waves cause... well, idk why I just did! Ha!

The art was inspired by on of my tattoo artists- Hiro from japan. He did the big piece on my left leg at a tat convention in 2007. Find him at .

This piece is sold! but it was so much fun I wanted to show you! And you know you can get your own custom piece from me anytime. or email me at

Let me know what you think!


Monday, May 4, 2009

and the winner is.... Sargeant Pepper

The pup is doing great ! He loves all of his new family (especially Dolce the Boston Bullgog). We loved all the names everyone suggested- so many creative names to choose from. We tried out some of our favorites ...and the one that stuck....

Sargeant Pepper !! He already anwsers to Sarge~!

Thanks to Triple Willow Gifts and her boys Elvis and Tucker.
or at her etsy shop where she is having a great 10% off sale!
I will be sending her a great basket of Mother's Day goodies!
Thanks again for all of the great names!