Thursday, April 30, 2009

another round of NAME MY PUPPY...WIN A PRIZE

Well... I did it again! Another rescue dog! This one is happy and healthy he just overstayed his welcome with his owners new girlfriend:( Sad but he is now a welcome member of my growing family. Its like the animal kingdom in my house!
So here is the deal:
Name him and win a mothers day gift basket! Its that easy!
He is a hunting dog, a german shorthaired pointer to be exact. His previous owners called him GAUGE (as in 12- gauge shotgun) but I dont like it. I am thinking something manly. Something fun. Maybe a full name like my boxer is "SUGAR RAY LENNARD" but we call her "SUGAR" for short.
Be creative and make sure to include email in your entry so I can let you know when you win~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have saved the world- now wheres my coffee?

Hi my name is Heather... and I am a coffee -aholic.

I am not proud of this, but it has become the harsh reality of my life. I cannot function at work or school with out that first cup of coffee. If I could take my coffee intravenously...well let's just say i have a problem. Lucky me- I have a STARBUCKS down stairs at work. So every morning I walk , zombie like, downstairs to get my fresh cup and start my day.

A friend gave me the lecture "Starbucks is ruining the world" and advised me of the following~

-our Starbucks cups are not recyclable

-I use 5 of these cups a week, 20 month, 240 year

-I am ruining the environment

So here is the solution: I can either give up coffee(would get fired), bring it from home (not the same), or start thinking...

I did some research.
I am going to start reusing the cups! I will wash out and reuse same cup! yay! and i found a great etsy seller to help with another solution! Those little cardboard skirts for the cups aren't the best thing either... and its not so cute...
Check out this "going green " accessory from Great idea, great price, great for the planet!
and check out this site to get your local Starbucks to use recyclable products !

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DRUM ROLL PLEASE........... Dolce !

Dolce is her name-o

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest to name my rescue dog! I loved all of the entries so much that I couldn't pick one. I put all of the entries on paper and into a hat... and pulled out...

Sima G and her family suggested the name DOLCE!

The puppy loves her new name! I will be sending Sima and her family a goodie basket with votives and other fun hand painted items!
To everyone who participated ~ free shipping in my etsy shop for the month of April. Convo the word "dolce" before checkout! And thanks again to you all!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I rescued this amazing dog last night! She is a
"BOSTON BULLDOG" which is a french bulldog and boston terrior mix. She is adorable and so sweet and she needs a name!
Help me name her and win a prize! I was thinking a french or irish name considering her breed origin. But be creative and unique!
Winner gets their pick of a hand painted votive from my shop
with your choice of custom colors ! Just post your entry on this blog along with your email address. If I pick your entry you win!!
Help name this cutie!