Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have saved the world- now wheres my coffee?

Hi my name is Heather... and I am a coffee -aholic.

I am not proud of this, but it has become the harsh reality of my life. I cannot function at work or school with out that first cup of coffee. If I could take my coffee intravenously...well let's just say i have a problem. Lucky me- I have a STARBUCKS down stairs at work. So every morning I walk , zombie like, downstairs to get my fresh cup and start my day.

A friend gave me the lecture "Starbucks is ruining the world" and advised me of the following~

-our Starbucks cups are not recyclable

-I use 5 of these cups a week, 20 month, 240 year

-I am ruining the environment

So here is the solution: I can either give up coffee(would get fired), bring it from home (not the same), or start thinking...

I did some research.
I am going to start reusing the cups! I will wash out and reuse same cup! yay! and i found a great etsy seller to help with another solution! Those little cardboard skirts for the cups aren't the best thing either... and its not so cute...
Check out this "going green " accessory from Great idea, great price, great for the planet!
and check out this site to get your local Starbucks to use recyclable products !


  1. Dear Heather,
    I L O V E coffee TOO! and guess what? i re-use my cup tooooooo!
    Living in Boulder,Colorado it is such an organic..everyone recycle and fresh clean environment.

    Thats the way to live!

    love your blog!


  2. I love tea... :-))) Great post.. Love it!! We need to do something to save a little bit our lovely Earth... I'm recycling lots of material to turn into pieces of art.. Check out my blog I have a nice post about it!!

    Lolo :-)

  3. i love coffee too! I saw in starbucks that they sell a travel mug that looks exactly like the take-away one.. maybe you can get that?

  4. Great post! We all should continue to do a small part...better than nothing at all...
    ~XO* darling!

  5. Sweet! I love your plan :-D (And I love coffee too...)

  6. Yeah, the travel mug that looks like the to-go cup is just too cute.

    Cute coffee cozy! I love making those. I have quite a few in my etsy shop. :)

  7. I love that first pic, that is hilarious!

  8. Hi there,

    What a great post. I think re-using the cup is a good idea, but after a while its going to be soft. I think getting a thermest (spelling?) or an eco-friendly plastic coffee mugs:)

    Thanks again..I am going to be following your post from here on out:)

  9. Wow.. Great tip, thanks for sharing! I am a coffee-holic as well.. at least in the morning. I need a cup to start my day :) I am a Spinelli fan :)

  10. not so much the coffee.. it's the chia tea that I am hooked on. If they close our starbucks I will go into withdrawals!

  11. i love the chi tea to
    but i need the coffee first !

  12. Although I do not frequent the place, when I do, I reuse the cup if I haven't brought my own. Usually, by the 3rd use, the glue starts to come undone and it leaks. Your best bet for being environmentally conscious (and make your friend happy) is to bring your own travel mug. There are some cute one's out there. Of course, stainless would be the best choice, but hey! I'm just trying to get you to not have so many throw-aways!

    ps: those who like Dunkin' Donuts...ahhhhhhh styrofoam!! bad bad bad.