Saturday, July 25, 2009


Meet Tucker!

He is an old grumpy german pointer and he is fitting in perfectly! When we first rescued him he was very thin and had patches of raw skin on his chin and face. He was a wreck! But we fixed his skin with a mixture of lavender and almond oil I had made by NATURESMUSE on etsy. He is putting on weight slow and steady and he is now so full of energy and life that the younger dogs have a hard time keeping up with him! "Grandpa" is a sweetheart and I'm glad he is a part of the family!
So ... Tucker and the dog park... Tucker seems to take his HUNTING DOG bloodline to heart! We have a huge open dog park with great big oak trees and pines. Thats his hunting ground. He can sniff out a lizard or even a snake in no time! He goes sniffing around and all the sudden leaps on a snake and comes runing back with it in his mouth! The dogs meet lots of new friends there and sniff alot of bootie. Fun ha !

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  1. Awww great to hear Tucker is fitting in! He looks like a sweetheart!